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EAP Outplacement – Supporting Change and Career Transitions

Providing career transition or outplacement support to employees impacted by redundancy helps to quickly redirect them towards the future. When individuals are treated fairly and feel well supported to manage the transition they move on with dignity. For the organisation the ROI is that;

  • it avoids and/or minimises legal risk
  • it helps maintain a positive employer brand for the company
  • remaining employees get a sense that the employer cares about their colleagues which enhances retention, productivity and morale.

Our approach when supporting people who are impacted by organisational restructuring is to help them make the most of this time  to ‘take stock’, re-align, change or transform their careers. Having the theoretical training in motivation psychology and career development helps us to explore what really motivates an individual and to enable that with practical support and tools to help them make a successful work transition.

We like to make a real difference on a personal and career development level. It’s not just about ‘finding a job’ but about getting the ‘right job’. In the process we aim to build individuals confidence and empower them to make good career choices.

Job Transition or Outplacement

Our expertise ensures that the person has both the emotional support and technical expertise to empower them to successfully secure a new ‘best-fit’ job. Individual programmes are flexible to suit the needs of the person or situation. Programmes typically cover psychological impact support, skills and aspirations evaluation and assessments to determine direction and ‘best fit’ options; creation of a competitive job search strategy including developing networking confidence; CV review/writing; interview skills coaching and job offer/negotiation support.

Redundancy Support for Groups of Employees

Group Outplacement programmes work well and are cost effective for groups of people of a similar function or level in the business. A mix of group workshops and one on one work give people the best of both worlds; group experience normalises the situation and the additional one on one support ensures that individual needs are met. Workshops cover Career Evaluation and Decision Making, CV Writing, Creating an Effective Job Search, and Interview Skills.

Career Decision Making Support

Deciding on whether or not to apply for an internal role or to accept redundancy during the difficult process of restructuring can be daunting and confusing. Our neutral and expert facilitation to explore options is invaluable. Usually one or two sessions are all that is necessary to establish a clear direction and to make a confident decision.

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Clients & Praise

I very much appreciate my sessions with you. I do feel now that I am in the driver seat, and that the quality of life for me has improved as a result of my/our talks and guidance from you. I see exciting and challenging times ahead – with me being a stronger person and ready to embrace the future. I will keep in touch many thanks from me.


I’ve enjoyed our sessions. I know that this little bit of planning has now given me the knowledge that there are a few things I need to do over the coming years if that vision of my life is to come to pass. I wasn’t sure whether you were the right person to see because our time together had been in a corporate setting. And I knew that I was going through something more personal than that. But I believe it was mean to be. I appreciate your holistic approach and your encouragement to seek out a life that satisfies me.

GB, Commercial Manager
Whatever happens, I’m feeling so much more positive and excited about the future, which is something I haven’t felt in a long time. Thank you so much for your help.
Anna , PhD