We are now entering a time of transformational technological and social change. Our work and the way we work will change significantly. What will this mean for you?

Even now, almost every working individual experiences times of being stuck, in transition, unhappy at work or not being clear about what to do next or where their career could take them. As career management specialists it is a privilege to work with individuals and employees to help them find career clarity, personal and professional congruence and direction.

 We engage people on their own unique learning journey towards greater self-awareness, encouraging confidence and giving them the tools to create the change they want.

We offer career management coaching, personal/professional development and transition support to individuals, employees and work teams. We work in a holistic and integrated way and are committed and inspired to make a real difference for YOU, and all the people we work with.”

Kaye Avery, Career Management Specialist

We can support you to achieve the outcomes you want.

We work with

  • Individuals facing significant career and life transitions

  • People in any context wanting to transform limiting beliefs and situations, and to build self confidence

  • People using redundancy to re-configure their career journey, get guidance on accessing the roles they want and have targeted interview coaching.
  • Employees wanting to improve workplace effectiveness and access to career opportunities

  • Organisations during restructuring and when managing change

  • Teams needing to build resilience and improve dynamics

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2607, 2016

Performance reviews as self – career evaluation opportunities

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Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. Rumi

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